Tours with a guide to Paris in France and Europe.

VIP TRANSFER PARIS – is your guide to Paris! For an individual tours with a guide, the car you have chosen is served at the address (Hotel in Paris or Disneyland, etc.) that you indicated when filling the order. After the tour, you will be returned to your address or to a convenient address in Paris or Disneyland.

The ordering process is very simple. In the first step, you enter the date and time of the start of the tours, in the second step, you choose the type of guide, the make of the car and indicate the address of the car. We offer two types of guides: a guide-driver and a driver + a guide. In the first case, the driver plays the role of guide. In the second, the guide and his attention are solely focused on you. The choice of cars consists of comfort cars – class, bussinrs – class, minibus. Choose a car to your liking with the number of seats needed and your guide if you have selected the driver + guide option.